The School of 业务 and 数据科学

The School of 业务 and 数据科学 is dedicated to fostering the next generation of visionary leaders, 创新者, and problem solvers in the rapidly evolving fields of business, 数学, 计算机科学, 数据科学. Our mission is to provide a transformative educational experience that equips students with the knowledge, 技能, and ethical principles necessary to thrive in an ever-changing global landscape.


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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the School of 业务 and 数据科学 at 大学交流. Rapid technological advances and the consequential rise of a data-driven society have changed the landscape of today’s society and workforce. There is a great and growing need for college graduates both trained in the liberal arts and quantitative expertise. Our mission is to provide students with the opportunity to become quantitatively savvy humanists, empowering them to become transformative leaders in business, the mathematical sciences, and their communities.

2023年推出, this school houses the disciplines of Accounting, 业务, 计算机科学, 数据科学, 经济学, 和数学. In each of these fields, we value critical thinking and writing, 专业, 创新, 解决问题, and data-driven decision-making. Our school boasts a team of award-winning faculty who are relentlessly focused on fostering an environment where students can sharpen these 技能. We build upon Converse’s strong liberal arts foundation with interdisciplinary collaboration, partnerships with industry and the surrounding community, 分析乘客的乘机出行, and experiential learning. 

In the School of 业务 and 数据科学, we ensure our graduates display a unique combination of hard and soft 技能 that enable them to See Clearly, 做出明智的决定, 公正行事. Our faculty will serve as guides and mentors as you tackle challenging technical content and build professional networks alongside your fellow students. Whether you plan to continue on to a career in industry or to a graduate program, the training you receive in our school will lay the groundwork for your future success.

在我们学校, you will find a tight-knit community committed to your personal, 学术, and professional achievement. 加入我们! I look forward to witnessing your journey at Converse and beyond.

Dr. 杰西卡·索雷尔
Dean of the School of 业务 and 数据科学, Associate Professor of Mathematics

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